Waiting for Baby

WOW! I am so very exhausted right now! I can barely keep my eyes open. Things are moving along at home…so far we’ve had these things done this week:
1. we have a working faucet and running water in our kitchen
2. the brick was removed from half of the front of our house
3. new sills were installed and a concrete corner was poured to increase stability
4. the carpentry work was nearly completed inside and the house is ready to be painted
5. the brick is being put back on the front and side of the house as I write this….
Meanwhile, my pregnancy is full-term. I am officially due on the 18th or 20th of September, depending on which ultrasound we go by. But, I am 37 weeks pregnant now. So, that means the baby is fully developed and can be born anytime. My doctor won’t allow me to go past 41 weeks…so I’ll deliver by September 26th at the absolute latest.
I went to the doctor today. Everything is going great with the pregnancy. We are just in the waiting game now. I was told it would take 1 week for the painters to complete their work. So, hopefully she will wait to arrive until the painting is complete. 🙂 I’m not sure that she is going to arrive on our schedule, but I can hope. My doctor also said I could go into labor if the storm- Gustav comes our way. I guess women tend to go into labor when storms hit or the moon is full, etc.
Jen’s mom, Karen, made the baby’s bumper, some pillows and a bag to keep baby things in that will hang on the crib. Everything is absolutely stunning. We picked it up last night. I will take some pictures, but I have to hide the baby’s name. It is on the bumper. And is still a surprise. I can’t wait to meet her and introduce her to our friends and family. It is such a joy to hold a new baby….I can’t wait….

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