Lots of Family and new Friends

We’ve had an eventful and pleasant stay with our new daughter. She has been absolutely amazing. What a dream little baby she is. She eats so well. Sleeps so well and is content the rest of the time. Moustapha and I both slept pretty well last night. The first night I was on such a high from delivery that I only slept for 2 hours. Moustapha and Trinity were both sleeping and I was wandering around the room cleaning and fixing Trinity’s baby book and laying out candles for visitors. I don’t know what I was thinking…I was in a fog! 🙂

On Monday Trinity had some special visitors. Her Aunt Leila and Aunt Amira both came by. Leila just delivered a handsome baby boy of her own- our nephew Cesar, on August 27th. We also had visits from the delivering doctor, our registering nurse. Bakri came by with Grandmother and they brought a birthday cake for Trinity. Grandma and Jiddy brought Maddux over later that evening and he also sang happy birthday and enjoyed some cake.

Aunt Leila with Daddy and Trinity

Aunt Leila, Momma, Bakri & Trinity Maddux goes in for a kiss!

We loved our Nurse- Tricia!

Aunt Amira with Trinity

Dr. Rosen delivered Trinity because Dr. Manning was out of town. She was on her way to the hospital- arriving at 7pm, but Trinity came at 6:34pm. Thank you, Dr. Rosen for a great job!
Leila and Trinity Grandmother and Trinity

Grandmother with Trinity

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