Moustapha’s Surgery and other happenings around here…

Moustapha had his surgery on his left hand Thursday morning. The hand surgeon said everything went well. He had soft-tissue replacement surgery which required his injured finger to be bent into his palm and attached at the tip there. This is to create new soft tissue that will grow there, so when they separate it, his finger can be formed normally.

Unfortunately, Moustapha felt a pulling on his palm this afternoon and fears he may have loosened some stitches. We are returning to the doctor tomorrow morning. Hopefully he will not need additional surgery tomorrow morning, but we are prepared just in case.

Grandma and Jiddy are having a blessed evening tonight, because Maddux is staying with them. We took him over just in case Moustapha has to have surgery in the morning. If everything is ok, we’ll pick him up after Bakri finishes school tomorrow. Bakri is doing really great at his new preschool. He loves it there. He only attends 3 hours a day, but he already seems to be maturing.

I’m not sure if his school will be closed on Friday…I think most people are getting pretty nervous about Ike…all I know is we are not going ANYWHERE. We live so close to the Medical Center, and there is no way I am chancing going into labor and not being close to the hospital.

So, here’s a question: Do you think I’ll go into labor when the hurricane hits Friday or Saturday OR Do you think I’ll go into labor on Monday with the FULL MOON??? I’ve heard that both of these factors increase the number of women who go into labor…we’ll see! 🙂

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