On our way home…

Well, we’ve spent the last 2 nights at Moustapha’s sister’s and brother-in-law’s house in Sugar Land. Thank God they had a place for us. We’ve had great food, good company and warm baths. We’re still without power at our house. But, we’re on our way to take care of some things that need to be done there. We have to empty our fridge and hopefully put the trash out.

Over all, we were very blessed during the storm. We had no real damage to our property. Part of our garage roof was ripped off and we lost some huge limbs, but nothing that damaged our home. We are really blessed. So many of our neighbors have trees in their homes. I just heard from my mom, and they have power. They’re neighborhood was hit really hard too. Unfortunately, they have huge pine trees everywhere and many of them are now on houses. My parents were blessed too. Nothing landed on their home, only a neighbor’s tree that landed on part of their garage as well. Their neighborhood suffered a great deal of devastation. It is really sad.

I am hopeful that we will have power restored soon. I was really nervous about going into labor with the kids not having electricity at home. But, now that both sets of grandparents have electricity, I feel much better about that.

I am due in 3 days…and still really really pregnant….what drama!!! 🙂

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