A Very Special Christmas Eve

2 years ago, our Baby Maddux was just 3 weeks old at Christmas and we were the Holy Family during the Christmas Eve service at church. In fact, Maddux was baby Jesus and Bakri was toddler Jesus. He was also in the story and switched places with Maddux before we walked out.

This Christmas Eve, we were blessed to be the Holy family again. But, this time with our 3 month old daughter, Trinity. When we were asked to be a part of this special service, we wanted to do it. We thought it would be a wonderful gift to give Trinity. Its not something she’ll remember, but we thought it would be special to share with her and include in her babybook memories. We had no idea what a special experience it would be for our entire family.

When the story portion of the service ended, Pastor Dave McKechnie made his way to the stage and I handed Trinity to him. He carried her in his arms and introduced her to the crowd. He told everyone her name and had them repeat it back several times. He then talked about the meaning of “Trinity” and he prayed the most beautiful blessing over her and asked the congregation to join him in praying for Trinity. What an amazing night.

The boys sat in awe on the front row with my parents and Melinda. Bakri was asked what he likes on his peanut butter sandwich by the pastor. He replied “jelly” of course. The pastor was explaining to the children how helpless a little baby is and how they can’t even make a peanut butter sandwich for themselves. And that God chose to send a savior to the world in the most nonthreatening form- that of a little baby.

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