Julie Got Married Yesterday

At 7 o’clock last night, we all gathered around the computer. I was the first, along with Trinity, sleeping next to me on the couch. We logged on to the computer to watch Julie (in a live internet broadcast) marry Will at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Although, I was a little teary all day because I wasn’t going to be there in person. This was definitely the next-best-thing. So, we logged on at 5 minutes before the wedding and waited. Just after 7, the wedding started. It was a small ceremony- family only. Julie’s mom looked beautiful. Joey walked her down the aisle. And both of Julie’s nieces and her nephew were in the wedding. Will stood at the front with Cole (Julie’s nephew) and they played one song before Julie’s dad walked her down the aisle. She was breathtakingly beautiful, as we expected. Her dress was gorgeous- very classic, very Julie. My favorite part was the vows. When Julie said I take William to be my “husband” she smiled so bright and said husband in the cutest way a true texas girl can. It was adorable.

So, congratulations to the Happy Newlyweds. We hope that 2009 brings you joy and happiness like you’ve never imagined! We love you!!!!!!

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