Our visit to the Fire Station 16

This week we made a special visit to our local Houston Fire Station- Station 16. One of the firetrucks from our station was in an accident with a truck from another station on Monday. It was really scary. All of our firemen are doing well, but some of the others suffered broken bones and a woman riding a bicycle is still in the hospital. Please pray for all of them and their families. To show our support and care for them, we made chocolate chip cookies. I explained to the boys (it a simple way) what had happened and Bakri, especially was very interested in helping to make the cookies and was eager to deliver them to the firestation. We made a couple dozen for the firemen and extras for us. They were very excited to receive the cookies and let the boys explore the station and the firetruck. Here is a photo of the boys with one of the firemen.

Maddux checking out the pole.
So, I have to share this funny story about Maddux. To put it in perspective- it is perfectly acceptable kid talk, but not something I would normally write on my blog.
I had shared with the boys about the firemen and the firetrucks being involved in an accident. I thought I explained things without too much detail, but so that they could understand it simply. The morning we were going to head over to the station Maddux looks at me and says “The firemen pee-peed on himself.” I was like, “huh?” ….wait for it…. oh!- The firemen had an accident!- I get it! So, then I explained what an accident is. But, seriously, I don’t think I have laughed that much about something in a long time. It was really cute!

Bakri and Maddux really enjoyed our visit to the firestation.

Bakri at the firestation.

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