Our Love of the Pacific Ocean & It’s Beaches

We really love the Pacific Ocean and the Californian/ Hawaiian beaches. We’ve lived in Texas (this time around) for nearly 6 years now and we have never been to the beach here. Our kids LOVE the beach and LOVE the water, but the only beaches they have ever been exposed to were in California and Hawaii. I’m totally not complaining. I just hope we can keep this up.

When I lived in Los Angeles, I would spend a lot of time at the beach. When I was single, I would head out to the beach on Sunday’s right after church and be back home by sundown. And when Moustapha and I started dating we spent many weekends at the beach and found a special beach in Malibu- El Matador- that was our favorite place to hang out together.

On this day, we went to Manhattan Beach with our kids and 2 of Moustapha’s sisters and their families. Had we remembered things a little better, we would have been better to choose Hermosa Beach (just one mile away from Manhattan Beach) It’s a little easier to get to and has lots of restaurants and shops right off the beach. But, it was still a really fun day. I long for the day when we can head to the California beach on a Sunday afternoon and be back home by sundown….

Miss Trinity checking out the sand. We went to the beach a lot in Maui. So, this was her second beach trip. She loved it and didn’t really eat the sand, which was great!
Me and my three on the beach.
Maddux, Bakri and Trinity

Bakri LOVES to run on the beach and play in the water. Nothing has changed since our trip to Coronado 3 years ago. Of course he can talk now! Back then, he would just run along the sand yelling “wawa, wawa, wawa!”
Maddux is a little more reserved on the beach. He ended up loving playing in the water too, but he just takes a lot longer to warm up to the idea.
While Bakri was running around having the time of his life, Moustapha was on Daddy Guard!

Here we are attempting to take a picture of all of the cousins together. We were obviously facing the wrong direction. 🙂 Oh well, I think 3 out of the 4 babies ended up crying. Should make for a classic photo.
Our friend Dawn, came to meet us on the beach after she got off work. She rode her bike to see us. Yes, I am a little jealous!
So, our beach day was a huge success. Hope to have more beach visits soon!

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