10 Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

We love babies around here. Well, I suppose that is just a little obvious considering we’ve had four of them in the last 5 years! Each baby is unique and has his or her own special way from the very beginning. Which is why, each baby shower should be unique for momma and baby. We’ve been so blessed that even though we have additional children, our friends and family have always felt like doing something special for each baby.  Even the fourth baby had a unique baby shower- a girl’s dinner and cupcake party!

My very favorite site for all of our paper needs is Tiny Prints. I’ve used the site for announcements for our baby girl’s arrival, thank you notes, and invitations for every kind of party. To see their huge selection of unique, quality invites follow this link: Invites from TinyPrints

Here are a few simple tips from me, El Momma on planning a very special baby shower.

1. Think about the momma. What are her likes and dislikes? Is this her first baby? Talk to her about what she may have loved about other showers either for her or friends so that you may be able to incorporate these ideas into her special day.
2. Think about baby. In our family, with 4 children, it is important to us that they each know how special they are to us. So, we like to plan big celebrations for all of them and when they get jealous of something we are doing for baby we can gently remind them of what was done for them and we can often direct their attention to the book about it!
3. Decide on a theme and think about details. Details really make all of the difference in planning a great party.
4. Picking out your invitation can help when determining your theme. For example, I really love this invite from tiny prints :Chrysanthemum Classic Invite
It incorporates pink chrysanthemums. Flowers represent new life and pink is perfect for a party to celebrate a baby girl. You can even use the chrysanthemums throughout your party planning.
5. I think planning a party for a smaller guest list is more intimate and really gives the momma time to be able to visit with all of her guests one-on-one.
6. Be sure to send out your invitations 3 to 4 weeks before the party, especially if your guest list is small (under 20.) You want your guests to know that it is important for them to join you in this celebration of baby and momma.
7. You’ve chosen invitations. Now, to make your party even more memorable, choose some special party favors. Tiny Prints has favors that coordinate with their invitations. Chrysanthemum Mints
For our daughter’s shower we gave everyone prayer candles and asked them to light them when she was born.
8. Incorporate your theme throughout the party. In our example, we used the Chrysanthemum Invites as our theme inspiration. You can use Chrysanthemums as table decorations throughout the party. They bloom in the fall, so if you are planning a shower soon for a baby girl, Chrysanthemums would be perfect.

Give your cake or cupcake decorator a copy of the invitation so they can match the flowers on all of the cake/cupcake decorations. Coordinate your napkins and plates with the pink flower theme.
9. Have nametags for your guests that incorporate the theme- in our case, each can have a pink flower and ask your guests to each make a prediction of what they think the baby will do when he or she grows up and put that on the bottom of their nametag. It is a great icebreaker. Then, when momma is opening baby gifts, guests can go around the room and tell their answer and why. It makes for some really cute stories and memories.
10. Finally, don’t forget the stylish thank you cards. In our day and age, it is so easy to send a text or email, but a handwritten note is still the most unique and special way to communicate when you are not face to face. Matching Photo Thank You Cards These photo cards match the invites I chose. It would be really great to be able to purchase these for the momma. Perhaps after the baby is born, so that the photo can be of baby or as in the sample of momma and her beautiful baby bump. Either way, it is something that guests will love receiving and will treasure having.  
Baby showers are such wonderful celebrations. Take lots of pictures and enjoy every moment. Time really does go by so quickly!
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  1. Thanks for this info on planning a unique baby shower. Have to plan my sister’s baby shower next week. Want to arrange it at one of LA venue. Will surely use your ideas to make it a grand success. Want to make this day wonderful.

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