Another summer Another few VBS camps

We save the best for last.

And I’m not just saying that because it’s the one I’ve helped with the last three years.
There is honestly something so real, so organic, so amazing about having a “homemade,” not storebought VBS.
If you haven’t ever organized a VBS from the ground up, you may be unaware of the big business that is summer Vacation Bible School. Churches get bombarded with emails, letters and magazines trying to sell a vbs package. Meaning: a Theme for the week that can include as much or as little as you want (lesson plans, scripts for skits, CDs with theme music, lead sheets, chord charts, etc.) It’s how most churches (not all) we have visited operate. 
This is DIFFERENT. It starts with music, a scripture, an idea or all three and then we spend time praying, studying and looking at more music. That’s when the idea begins to take shape. And, we will pick a theme.
Last year the theme was all about discovering who God made you to be (YOU) and the skits and the music all focused on God’s plan and hand in our lives. This year, it’s about learning how to THRIVE using the “tools” God gives us: His Word, a Strong Foundation to build upon, prayer, Jesus, and the church body.

My job was easy. I just helped (volunteered) to do the music. It was a gift to me, really. But, the Children’s minister (my dear friend, Kelly) and her team work tirelessly on every detail of the theme: skits, snacks, story time, crafts, games, etc. It’s amazing to see it come together each year! I get to do the music: first thing in the morning without the full band and again later in the morning with the full band.
It’s a really special time that I get to spend doing something pretty different than my normal week. Yes, I lead worship every week, but not every day and not totally kid-driven. This is a very different energy and I am peacefully and happily exhausted at the end of it. And, feeling quite blessed and with a full heart after seeing the light in these beautiful children all week.
If you haven’t gotten involved in a local church, VBS week is a great week to step in. You can send your children all week (and volunteer or not) and attend church with your children on the Sunday after. By then, your children will be super comfortable in the environment. Less anxiety for you!

PS. this is not an official announcement, but…***I am really looking forward to the first week of June next summer, when (HOPEFULLY) we will get to have a VBC (Vacation Bible Camp) at Church of the Apostles Houston!***

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