39 weeks and counting

Well, things are moving along here. I’m still pregnant and feeling pretty good. I had a rough day on Friday night and Saturday. I had so many contractions and I just couldn’t sleep at all. The hardest part is wondering if it’s going to increase and I’m going to meet my sweet baby boy soon or if it’s just more of the same. So far, it’s just more of the same. My parents took the boys for the weekend. And, after having no sleep, it was so nice to be able to rest most of the day yesterday. The boys had fun too. Grandmother took them to the mall to ride the carousel, play on the indoor playground, and they rode the water-taxi. They were so excited to tell me about it. I’m happy that they can go together now, but I miss them terribly.

I have lots planned this week. And, we’ll see how that works out. I know God has His own plan, so we’ll see how mine holds up. I have youth band rehearsal one evening, worship band rehearsal another evening and I’m leading Sunday morning worship at Church on Sunday. I also have an appointment with the Midwives Practice and this Saturday is my due date. I can’t believe it is actually here. I was 3 days past with Trinity. Hopefully we won’t go much longer with this little guy. At least I hope we don’t go more than 41 weeks.

Maddux took this photo of me….I think it is actually artistic… 🙂

37 weeks and counting

Here I am…37 weeks and 3 days preggers. No, I’m not discouraged and no, I’m not tired of being pregnant. I am tired. That is definitely true. But, I’m happy. Everything has gone really well. And, the baby seems to be growing well and moving all the time. He’s a busy guy. He will surely fit right in around here.

So, we are just gearing up for his arrival. I may have mentioned my room is finally being remodeled. Unfortunately, the first crew we hired didn’t finish the job. That happened yesterday. But, at least we are closer to being finished and moved in. We now need a carpenter to finish the carpentry work in the room and a painter (who still has to finish sanding the newly sheetrocked walls) to paint the room. I’m trying not to be anxious about this. But, believe me when my contractions come each night at regular intervals, I begin to worry that my room is not going to be complete for me and the baby to come home to after our hospital stay. Please pray that it will be. I could really use the peace of knowing it is done. I know it is going to be beautiful, I just don’t want it to be complete after the baby arrives.

Love to all of you who are checking in with us. We will keep you posted on the arrival of Baby EL4….he’ll be here soon!

Our Newest Baby El

Well, the day is finally here. We went to the midwives yesterday and had our ultrasound. From what they could see, everything looked great. I’m going to have a follow-up ultrasound in 4 weeks so they can hopefully get a better look at our baby’s heart and face. The baby’s profile was clear and cute. However, all of the attempts to see the front of the baby’s face were covered by the baby’s hands. They did see the four chambers of the heart and a strong heartbeat. So, hopefully all is ok. We had to have a follow-up ultrasound when we were expecting Maddux. So, I know that I shouldn’t worry. But, it’s hard not to. I’ll update again when we are going back for the ultrasound and will definitely appreciate prayers.

So, as for the exciting news…WHO ARE WE EXPECTING?????

Let’s let the Els tell you…


Trinity is learning to Walk soon she’ll be learning to fly!

Our baby is…..walking??? Yes, it’s true. Here’s the story of the first steps (more than two):Here is a picture of Trinity standing in the church nursery. Trinity went to the church nursery- early yesterday morning. I was leading the worship, so Ms. Melody came early to take care of Trinity during our early morning sound check. My parents also joined us for church. When I saw my parents they were beaming with joy. “Did you see Trinity?” “We were in shock,” they said. Huh??? They said they saw Trinity “walking” in the nursery. She just took her first steps in the church nursery and I didn’t see it!? AAAAHHHH! Grab the camera and run across the hall. And…. no walking. As soon as she sees me, she’s on all fours making her way as quickly as she can to get to me. So, although there were plenty of witnesses, I had still not seen our daughter “walking.”

But, I did feel comfortable enough with the witnesses, to talk about it during church. Trinity even got some applause!

Later, we took the boys swimming and went to visit Moustapha’s parents. Here is video of Miss Trinity in action. It’s official- she is walking. Click on the video to see her take five steps. Wow!

This morning, Princess T is still sleeping soundly. I think the excitement of yesterday absolutely wore her out!

To Pacify or not Pacify

To say that every child is different is an understatement. They definitely are different. From the moment you first hold your baby in your arms and every day that comes after. They are unique and special. It’s amazing that from the very beginning there are different things that make them tick.
Our first son, loved the pacifier when he was a baby. He only used it for sleeping. But, it seemed to make my life really easy. He found comfort in the pacifier. From the time he was a tiny baby I could lay him down in his cradle wide awake, pray over him, place the pacifier in his mouth and he would literally turn his gaze away from me and fall asleep. He LOVED his pacifier. When he learned to talk, he gave the pacifier a name and called it “Ba Ba.”
Our second son never took to the pacifier. He just didn’t care for it. So, he didn’t use one. And, it was fine. He still slept great. We just found other ways to comfort him. He really loved stuffed animals. So, once he was big enough, we gave him a lovey to sleep with.
Our third child, our daughter, finds comfort in the pacifier when she is going to sleep by herself. She doesn’t use it at other times throughout the day. When I’m laying her down at night or naptime, I place 3 or 4 pacifiers in her bed. She falls asleep with one and then in the night it makes it easier for her to find another. It works well.
For our first son, who loved his “ba ba,” I was nervous about giving up the pacifier. But, it turns out, it was a much bigger deal to me than it was to him. Between age 1 and 2, he only slept with his pacifier. When he turned 2, we took the pacifier away. We put him to bed that night and there was no “ba ba” and that was it. He asked for it, but when we told him “ba ba” was gone, he was fine. I couldn’t believe it.
Why do I always seem to worry about the outcome so much more than necessary? Things always work out. I just need to have a little more faith sometimes.