37 weeks and counting

Here I am…37 weeks and 3 days preggers. No, I’m not discouraged and no, I’m not tired of being pregnant. I am tired. That is definitely true. But, I’m happy. Everything has gone really well. And, the baby seems to be growing well and moving all the time. He’s a busy guy. He will surely fit right in around here.

So, we are just gearing up for his arrival. I may have mentioned my room is finally being remodeled. Unfortunately, the first crew we hired didn’t finish the job. That happened yesterday. But, at least we are closer to being finished and moved in. We now need a carpenter to finish the carpentry work in the room and a painter (who still has to finish sanding the newly sheetrocked walls) to paint the room. I’m trying not to be anxious about this. But, believe me when my contractions come each night at regular intervals, I begin to worry that my room is not going to be complete for me and the baby to come home to after our hospital stay. Please pray that it will be. I could really use the peace of knowing it is done. I know it is going to be beautiful, I just don’t want it to be complete after the baby arrives.

Love to all of you who are checking in with us. We will keep you posted on┬áthe arrival of Baby EL4….he’ll be here soon!

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