Trinity is learning to Walk soon she’ll be learning to fly!

Our baby is…..walking??? Yes, it’s true. Here’s the story of the first steps (more than two):Here is a picture of Trinity standing in the church nursery. Trinity went to the church nursery- early yesterday morning. I was leading the worship, so Ms. Melody came early to take care of Trinity during our early morning sound check. My parents also joined us for church. When I saw my parents they were beaming with joy. “Did you see Trinity?” “We were in shock,” they said. Huh??? They said they saw Trinity “walking” in the nursery. She just took her first steps in the church nursery and I didn’t see it!? AAAAHHHH! Grab the camera and run across the hall. And…. no walking. As soon as she sees me, she’s on all fours making her way as quickly as she can to get to me. So, although there were plenty of witnesses, I had still not seen our daughter “walking.”

But, I did feel comfortable enough with the witnesses, to talk about it during church. Trinity even got some applause!

Later, we took the boys swimming and went to visit Moustapha’s parents. Here is video of Miss Trinity in action. It’s official- she is walking. Click on the video to see her take five steps. Wow!

This morning, Princess T is still sleeping soundly. I think the excitement of yesterday absolutely wore her out!

2 thoughts on “Trinity is learning to Walk soon she’ll be learning to fly!

  1. looks like walking to me! how fun. i remember my baby sister learning to walk in the upstairs hallway …back when i was 14! somethings you just never forget.

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