Our countertop finally arrived on Friday (four days after our expected day.) We finally had a break from the rain and the marble fabricator was able to come over with his crew of FIVE people! This picture shows them thinking about how they are going to lift that thing into place. B.C.- the fabricator, said the marble piece weighs somewhere between 600 and 700 pounds! No wonder they didn’t want to bring it over in the rain…

After some bigtime lifting and cutting and sawing, they managed to make it fit! It’s in! Yeah!!!!

The plumber came over on Saturday and installed the faucet and insinkerator (disposal.) We our amazed to have running water in our kitchen again. We never had a garbage disposal, so this is very exciting and we never had water or a working icemaker in our refrigerator. And now we have both!

Here is our island with a working sink and faucet. I am looking forward to washing lots of dishes!!!!

Thank you for all of your prayers that this would be completed before baby sister’s arrival. There are only a few more things to do now before we can have everything finished and painted.
Keep praying that it will get done in time.

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