Our Happiest Place on Earth

As many of you know, we are on a TIGHT budget ALL of the TIME. So, how in the world do we get to travel so much and enjoy so many wonderful times??? Many times it is the generosity of my in-laws who are very generous and have lots of amex miles. So that usually takes care of one of the most expensive parts of a family of five traveling: the airline ticket. Sometimes, like our last trip to California, it even takes care of hotel too! We love M’s mom and dad and are very thankful for them. So, we took off to SoCal for five fun-filled days! We did So many wonderful things and got to see many of our best California friends, although we did miss a few of those as well.

It is our favorite place, so hopefully we’ll be back again soon.

Trinity on the airplane. She was the most difficult of the little El travelers. She is walking everywhere and did not like being strapped into the carseat during the flight. She definitely has a strong set of lungs and our neighboring passengers noticed. Sorry, guys!
Here are the boys on the bus to the rental car station. They love to ride at the back of the bus on the bench seat.
We had to wait a LONG time for our minivan. It was very crowded and when they finally gave us a minivan it took us even longer to figure out how to MAKE T’s carseat fit in it. Eventually it worked.
But, meanwhile we passed the time by counting the planes flying overhead.
Here’s a small one!
Yeah, we made it to the hotel- near M’s sister’s house with her hubby & twin boys. The entire vacation was scheduled around celebrating their birthday. We also went last year for their birth. They are the cutest kids and so sweet. We wish we could see them more. But, it is nice to be able to be with them on the important days!
Rock n Roll Bakri at the hotel.
Do your little ones LOVE hotels? Are Els think Hotels are the best things ever. They are so happy there. They love the pool. The closeness of family. The fact that we are all in the same room. Before we go to a hotel they talk non-stop about going and once our trip is over- they talk non-stop about going back. Of course they call the hotel – Grandma & Jiddy’s hotel- because their grandparents are always at this same hotel each year- so it must be their hotel!
Trinity in her Destination Hyatt Ad!

Our first morning in LA and we headed out for breakfast at a place where we got the best deal last year.
And then, we drove to ANAHEIM to DISNEY LAND! Here we are waiting in line to buy tickets- really EXPENSIVE tickets. But, at least only 3 out of 5 of us needed a ticket-
Maddux- running toward the gate! He can’t wait to get in!
We made it! Now we are waiting to ride the train that will take us around the entire park.

The kids loved the train ride. It is the only place in all of DisneyLand that you get to see Dinosaurs- which are some of our favorite things. They were scary!
We met up with family in the park. Here is a character with 2 other characters! 🙂
This is how we roll! I’ll get back to my pre-pregnancy size if I keep this up in the heat!

Bakri, Maddux and Daddy on the dumbo ride.
Trinity, flying high!

It’s a small world after all!

Now, we’re getting ready to drive the cars.
This guy- not the best driver. Of course, he is only two. See the intense look on his face? He took this very seriously! It was hilarious!
Before we left we had to return to the Haunted Mansion- it was Bakri’s favorite ride and he kept talking about the music. After ONE ride he had the organ music memorized.
We purchased mickey mouse ears for all of the kids. Did you know that they will monogram your ears for free? I had no idea. So, we waited in line to get that done and guess what?
That’s where we got to meet Minnie and Mickey! Right place at the right time!

When the day was over- we were exhausted. Here is Mr. B asleep on the way back to the hotel. What a fun day!
Morning breakfast at McDonalds. They have pretty good pancakes and eggs when you are traveling and want to eat cheap.

Trinity got to come into Todd’s hair salon with me- he works at B2V in West Hollywood. It is a really cool place. And seeing Todd, even just for a little while, was a wonderful part of my trip.
Todd has been doing my hair since he was at MichelAngelo’s in Houston and then at Sensia in Houston. We met in 1991 when I was 14 and he was 21. After many years, we became great friends. Todd is very special to me and our family. We love Todd. If you’re ever in LA and have time to get your haircut- go see Todd Monroe. Not only is he the best at what he does- he is an amazing person to know.

Todd had a “second” to say hello to the boys.
And then we went to In N Out. Never to be missed on a visit to California. It is SO GOOD!
Our sweet boys…
Gotta love those smiles!
I think this one was right before they pushed each other off the bed. Ha Ha! looks sweet, though!
Trinity in front of the hotel.

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