What a crick in the neck!

Well, good morning, crick in the neck. You surprised me with your 5am wakeup call. And your pain that has gotten increasingly worse since then. Why have you come back? I did not invite you and have no time for you today.

Why do I have a crick in the neck this morning? I have no idea. I slept fine. Although, I would suppose that is in question now. Can you get a crick in the neck from sleeping too still? It’s possible that I did not move from 10pm until 5am. Would that do it?

As a mom of 3 pre-schoolers, going through the day without reaching down to pick someone, something, or a million things off the floor, is an impossible goal. Unfortunately, there is no comfortable position for this crick in the neck. It’s all pain.

Oh well. And so it goes. And I’m off. To start the day with the three els, a crick in the neck, and a smile in my heart. xoxo

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