Ash Wednesday

After much thought about what I would “give up” for lent, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to make time where I’ve been lacking. I can’t promise that my blog entries for the next six weeks will be interesting. However, I can promise that I will write something every day. I will make more time for my family. I am adding 20 minutes of time with God to my day. What does that mean? It just means that sometimes I’m going to stop and talk when I could walk away and tell myself I don’t have the time. It means that I’m going to make a phone call instead of sending a text. Or, send a text instead of not communicating at all. Or, that I’m going to work hard to spend more quality time with my children and husband. I want to make myself available to the community around me, available to my friends, available to my family and available to God’s plan in my life.

A friend of mine posted this article on her facebook page today. It talks a little bit more about saying yes during Lent. I am inspired.

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