Summer theme weeks continue! Weeks 5-9!

Well, somebody forgot to update my blog!

Okay, it was me. But, I’ve been busy.

I’m sure you are all eager to know what our themes have been the last few weeks. Right? Maybe not. But, we have been keeping busy, as usual and we have actually stayed on target with theme weeks. It’s an El Miracle!
 Where we left off:
Week 4. Musical performance week. The Els performed a song from Aladdin at our church Disney Night. Quite the fun experience. Including some really thoughtful notes and messages from members of our church community. God really does use us to encourage each other! Check out the video here: 

 Week 5. Tradition and history week. This was the week of the fourth of July. So, we learned about the Presidents of the United States. We ate barbeque and spent time with our family and friends. We went to lots of family parties and had a really great week. And, we went to the site where the busts of the Presidents of the US are kept in Houston.

Next up, week 6. Vacation Bible School week! This week all of us participated in VBS at our home church. I volunteered to help with the music for the 3-5 year olds. Leeland went to the church nursery. Maddux and Trinity went to VBS each morning and Bakri had a part in the Sunday production and participated in VBS all day every day from 9-3! We ended the week with a celebration for Leeland’s second birthday and the Els enjoyed singing in the Sunday morning service.

Week 7. Family vacation week!
This was my favorite week thus far. Why? Because, we went on a mini-vacay! To San Antonio and we had a blast. We even took a family friend with us. We’re too big of a family to stay in one room. So, we had 7 people in 2 adjoining rooms. We floated on the lazy river, sat by the pool, swam in the pool, played ping pong, played baseball, watched movies, ate smores, went out to eat, celebrated Leeland’s birthday (on the actual day) and enjoyed being together. Who could ask for more?
The birthday boy with his VBS brothers and sister arriving in San Antonio!

We even had time for a quick drive-by visit with some special SA friends on the way home!

Terrified of…….the kitty cat

Trinity, kind enough to invite us all to her tea party
Week 8. Dinosaurs!
We have a dinosaur exhibit at the Houston Zoo and a new Paleontology Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We studied about dinosaurs this week, watched Dino Dan, did Dinosaur puzzles, colored Dinosaur pictures and visited the Zoo and HMNS. We all learned a lot and enjoyed getting to see the amazing exhibit at the HMNS the most. 

 Reading books about dinosaurs

Ummmm. That’s a huge mouth of a shark and Maddux

The Hermann Park Train- we took it between the Zoo and Museum
Week 9. Earth week.
This week, it’s all about the earth. This wonderful, amazing planet we are blessed to live on. So, we’re watching the Olympics, where the earth’s greatest athletes compete on the world stage. And, we’re learning more about taking care of the earth and the importance of recycling. We have lots of recycling to do this week. I will post pictures after the week is complete. And, since we are in Hurricane Season on the gulf coast, we’re also learning about weather this week. It’s an eclectic week- earth week, but it leaves room to learn a lot about things the Els are interested in and honestly, that is the best part. 
Hope you are all having a great Summer. Only 3 weeks remain. I can hardly believe it. Enjoy them. Love your kiddos and if you are in Houston, let us know if you want to play. We’re always available for play dates with friends!
El Momma and the Els

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