Happy Thanksgiving!

Good afternoon, friends!
We hope you are doing well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, taking the time to pause and give thanks for the important things in life. My husband started his “what I’m thankful for” speech with “This year I am thankful for the finer things in life…my family, my children, my wife…my savior” It’s true. These are the finer things and the things that we often take for granted and forget to be really truly thankful for.

So, today, I am cleaning. My finer things (the Els) are watching movies. I have to clean in order to decorate for Christmas. Somehow decorating a dusty window seems wrong. But, as I am cleaning and they are watching, I am counting my blessings. Thankful I have a home to clean and mouths to feed and family to irritate me and excite me beyond words.

Happy thanksgiving, friends.
El Momma

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