Today will never come ever AGAIN

Last night, as I was putting our 4 children to bed, I could hear my three year old talking in his bed. He said “today will never come ever again.” At first he was just talking about this and trying to articulate clearly what he meant. And, then he began to cry. I went in to talk to him. He spoke to me through the sobbing “Today will never come ever again, Mommy. Never ever. Today will be gone FOR-EVER!” More sobbing. I asked him who told him this. It was one of his siblings. He is just starting to understand that tomorrow is not today, but tomorrow is tomorrow’s today and today is tomorrow’s yesterday. You know, really simple, uncomplicated stuff like that. Perfect brainteaser for a three year old!
As he calmed down, I assured him that although we could not get this particular day back, we would have a new “today” tomorrow.
It really got me thinking about today. This day. This moment. This now. This time that we will truly never relive again and never get back. Do I ever find myself grieving over the day? The opportunities that I may have missed, the hugs I didn’t stop to give, the hellos I was too busy to greet with, etc.
Perhaps, I shouldn’t get bogged down by the things I may have missed or skipped out on today, but rather, seize the next one. Seize the day. This today! Tomorrow’s today! And, the today after that. As long as we are given todays, let’s make the most of them.
I like the way The Message translates this passage from Luke 9:62 “Jesus said, “No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day.”
Alright, go seize it!
Be blessed, friends and have a great today!
Leebug and Momma 2013

Leebug and Momma 2013

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