Chicago Day-Cation

We departed Williams Bay, Wisconsin in the late morning hours and began our drive to Chicago. It took less than two hours and we arrived to a city that was huge. Much bigger than I imagined. It seemed to be at least four times the size of our Houston Downtown skyline. I loved every bit of it. The buildings, the architecture, the sky, the history, it was all so beautiful. We headed straight to Lincoln Park. Our first challenge: parking. The zoo is free, but parking is not. The zoo lot was very expensive and full. We ended up in a beautiful nearby neighborhood finding street parking. I think we had to leave by 6pm when it became permit parking only. We walked a few steps straight into Gamekeepers for some drinks and lots of Chicago sports. The Cubs and White Sox were playing on all of the tvs!

We left Gamekeepers and started walking toward the zoo. About a ten minute walk.

The zoo was lovely and did I mention, free?

The zoo was nice. It’s under construction, so perhaps that made it feel small. The Houston Zoo is a good size and we’ve visited the San Diego Zoo and it just felt huge comparatively. 

But, we still enjoyed everything we were able to see.

The Els loved it. 

Lincoln park sight-seeing.

After, we headed for….what else? Chicago Pizza!

A quick review on Yelp and we found Giordano’s to be one of the best rated pizza restaurants somewhat near where we were. So, we headed over…


We all loved it.

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