Perfect Timing

On my way to church last Sunday, I took my husband’s car and left my vehicle for him and the Els to meet me at church later. I meet with the worship team an hour before service. I headed out giving myself an extra 45 minutes to get there. It’s about a 10 minute drive.

The car was uneasy starting and I checked the gas gauge. It was low. Not wanting to run out of gas, I went to a nearby gas station. I think at that point I had put out of my mind that the car had started slowly. I turned it off, got some gas and got back in the car to head off. But, the car would not start. I was panicked. I prayed. Tried again, but no luck. I called Moustapha and waited for him to pick me up. Meanwhile there was a buildup of cars waiting to get gas. I decided I would put the car in neutral and push it into a parking spot. (My knee still hurts!) I started moving it slowly and  before I knew it, others were helping me push the car. I pulled the emergency break and turned to thank the helpful people and looked right at my neighbor. He had helped me not even knowing it was me. And I had accepted his help not knowing it was someone I knew. 
To see his smiling face, his offer to run home and grab jumper cables, and just to know that I had a friend. It was just what I needed. I wasn’t alone. 
I told him Moustapha was on his way. and I was ok. In the next moment Moustapha was there and I was on my way to church. I wasn’t even late. Moustapha and his dad jumped the car and they even made it to church on time. It felt like a series of little miracles all gathered together to get us to where we were supposed to be at the exact moment we were supposed to be there. 
Perfect timing. What is perfect timing? It’s His timing. When things happen that we don’t plan and we know that we’re not alone. God is with us. It’s in His time. I’m thankful for these clear reminders of who is in control. Would I have planned Sunday morning like this? No. But, when my plans failed, His plans took over. I was where I was supposed to be in the exact moment I was supposed to be there. 
Perfect timing. 

Planning. Serving. Praying. Studying.

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