Baby Shower at Jamil’s House

My sweet dear friend Jamil, my SIL- Patricia, my sister-Melinda, and my MIL-Mary hosted a baby shower for Baby Girl El yesterday. It was such a special day. Every detail was thought of. The theme was being a girl and a woman. There was a lot of focus on Baby’s El’s family history as well as a game that let the guests give their advice and thoughts to me and Baby El about life, spirituality, money and love. Each guest received a candle with a request from Maddux and Bakri to light the candle to celebrate the birth of their baby sister. I loved that!
She got beautiful gifts- blankets, clothes, bibs, bedding, etc. Lots of pink and brown…the colors we’ve chosen for her room. I ran home (well sort of) and washed everything right away. I’ve now packed her bag for the hospital too. So, she will be fashionably wrapped and dressed for her ride home…
Isn’t this cake adorable!?!

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