Brick by Brick

Well, we are nearly finished with the brick work on the front half of our house. Here are a couple a pictures as it is going up. This is the second time the brick has gone up…the first crew couldn’t line the bricks up. This crew is doing a great job, thankfully. They should be completely finished by tomorrow evening.

They will also be putting our house numbers up in stone next to the front door. I am really excited about this. We used to have numbers on a screen door that covered our front door. But, we accidently got rid of the numbers when we discarded the door. But, since this is going to look so much nicer, I am really glad that happened.

Here is what the front of our house looks like today. Hopefully it will all be completed tomorrow and I can post our “after” photos next to the before ones…it is quite a difference.

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