Surgery Thursday

Well, we had not so good news at the Plastic Surgeon today. It turns out Moustapha’s injury (crush-avulsion injury with ischemia) will require soft tissue replacement surgery. This is something that must take place within 10 days of the injury. He will have an initial surgery on Thursday morning that will leave him without the use of his hand. He will then have another surgery 2 weeks later.

We are grateful that there is something that they can do for him. But, disappointed that he won’t be able to use his hands during this time. I am hopeful that Baby Sister will wait at least 1 week to arrive. Now, I say that, but I will be delighted if she comes sooner. It’s just that I’d rather her come when he’s not in surgery or just recovering from surgery. Oh the drama!!!
Praise God it is not any worse and that we only injured one finger.

Keep us in your prayers. We need them! LOL…

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