Happy Saturday

It is a great day to be alive! I feel so blessed today. I seem to go through so many emotions at the end of a pregnancy. First, there is a lot of anxiety. Waiting for labor to begin naturally is a beautiful and wonderful gift. But, the unknown is scary and frustrating at times. Especially since I seem to have so many regular contractions all the time. I spend so much time and energy wondering “is this it?” It’s exhausting.
But, more than anything, I am so thankful to be in this position. To have had such healthy pregnancies. To be able to carry my babies to full term. These are amazing gifts of life that I am extremely thankful for.

So, today, being 38 weeks pregnant, I am beyond thankful! I am so blessed and am choosing to focus on those blessings…there are too many to count!

Hope you all have a great Saturday! I’ll update when the contractions are the real deal!

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