One day closer

I had a really great night’s sleep last night. Yesterday we celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding at Minute Maid Park. My nephew, James opened the game with a proud “Let’s play ball!” And, my parents were honored by FSN and featured on television as the fans of the game. We had a great time. It was a 1pm game and Maddux and Trinity both fell asleep on the way home. They were both out for the night.
So, my sleep was restful and mostly uninterrupted.

I’m excited to know we are one day closer to meeting our baby boy. We are definitely going to be meeting him soon!

One thought on “One day closer

  1. Wow 50 years, I can't wait to say that. I only have 38 more years before I can. =)Glad you had a peaceful night. Following your blog and can't wait to hear about your new bundle of joy.Take Care.

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