My NEW biggest fear

I’ve had a lot of fears lately. First, I was afraid that we wouldn’t even be close to naming our son by the time he was born. I would literally be up late having contractions while Moustapha was doing name meaning searches on We believe we’ve found our son’s name now. So, I’m not worried about that anymore.

Then, I was worried that I would have the baby before my bedroom is ready. And, that still could happen. But, the gap of time has gotten smaller and if I go into labor right now I’d only have a couple of days out of the hospital when I couldn’t go home. That’s not so bad. So, I’m not worried about that anymore.

So, what’s the current worry topping the list? Having to drive myself to the hospital while in labor. Because of the house stuff, Moustapha and I aren’t together as much as we have been when I’ve been this far along in my previous pregnancies. I have a plan for my children in most every scenario. But, I started thinking today that some of my plans don’t involve having anyone drive me. That could be a problem, right? I guess not, if it is early enough in labor. But, now my prayer is that I will somehow have an adult who is able to escort me when I am in labor. Or, that I’ll be really close to the hospital when it happens. Home would obviously be the perfect place. So, I suppose my wish is still that my Baby El4 will wait until after I am settled at home to make his debut.
I can’t wait to see his sweet baby face for the first time! What an amazing moment.

Goodnight, friends.

One thought on “My NEW biggest fear

  1. If no adult is around – call me! I will drop everything and get to you FAST! Driving a woman in labor to the hospital is SO nerve wracking, but for you I would do it for sure! I love you!Michael

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