When "stuff" is happening

…I find myself less likely to share. Less likely to want to write. At least, lately.

My dad has been in the hospital or in rehab for various reasons (including congestive heart failure, 2 hip surgeries, septic shock, a cracked femur) since before Thanksgiving. It’s been really hard on my mom and my sister, especially. But, also hard on my brother and his family and my family. We are all trying to help my mom and dad as much as possible and it turns out that “the system” stinks and just when we think we have it figured out, we are battling again. And, I’m exhausted. Like, mother of four, who works full time exhausted. Plus more. Remember when I did the whole30 in February? That was a pretty great month for me after day 11. But, what occurred around mid March (15 days post whole30) has us (my doctor(s) included) perplexed and worried about the answer. Around that time my hands (fingers, mostly) began to swell and I had to remove my rings. I’ve noticed since then that my feet were also swollen. I’ve now experienced this inflammation for over six weeks. It’s (hopefully) not that big of a deal. But, I can’t shake the feeling (and the reality) that it is something. This is not normal and I’m frustrated, tired and scared.
So, I share all this to say that I am feeling weak right now. Afraid to ask for help. But, I need it. I need your prayers. My family needs your prayers. Can I ask you to pray for me over the next week as I am taking steroids in the hopes that my Rheumatologist can find the answer? I pray for answers and I pray for healing. 
I appreciate you. As a mom of four elementary school kids in May, there’s just no time to slow down and certainly no time for me to be sick…or down. 
Thanks and I promise to update when we find the answer!

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